Catalytic Converter Recycling Details

A catalytic converter is a component on any motorized vehicle in the United States. This device converts harmful emissions from the exhaust system to carbon dioxide and water. Its purpose is to eliminate toxic gases from escaping into the environment.

Eugene Houdry was a French inventor who relocated to the United States in 1930. He created the initial design for the first catalytic converter in 1950. He is given credit for developing this device, but it did take some time for it to be considered by some industries as a useful device.

His converter was the first to function with this purpose of reducing harmful and damaging emissions. Once this device was installed on a gas engine vehicle, the poisonous gases spewing in the environment were significantly reduced. In 1975, the USA Environmental Control Agency required that all new automobiles have a catalytic converter installed as part of the emissions system of the vehicle. This requirement was a regulation required by law.

Although the first catalytic converter was patented in 1950, the catalytic converter was not widely accepted because there were many revisions made to the original before it was approved. Once productions were in place, distribution to automobile dealers was the next step. It was necessary for automobile dealers to become familiar with the new product. The improve model complied with the new regulations and standards of 1975, which required that all vehicles have a converter installed. If your catalytic converter goes out, and you need to locate it. You will find it beside the internal combustion engine. Recycling catalytic converters help protect the environment by keeping scrap out of the landfills as well providing extra cash to its owner.

The device was no longer limited to only cars. RVs, motorcycles, trucks, and even heavy equipment were required to have a catalytic converter. All of this started through the hard work and persistence of Euguen Houdry and his vision for a cleaner environment. Houdry founded Oxy Catalyst which was a company whose focus on pollution caused by automobiles and developing a way to solve the problems of pollution.  New concepts and ideas were devised to further aid in the conservation of this planet. Without his initial plans decades before, all this would not be a possibility today.

Reasons To Recycle Your Catalytic Converter

Catalytic converters are relatively simple devices but have a tremendous impact on our environment. Catalytic converters were developed to convert hazardous compounds into harmless carbon dioxide and water. Therefore, improving the air that we breathe. In larger cities such as New York, Los Angeles, Chicago air pollution has been a serious problem. Scrap catalytic converter recycling is vital to improving the air that we breathe. By recycling your scrap converter for cash, you are doing your part to help reduce landfills as well as putting some money in your pocket.